There is a big problem for everyone using the internet. Who do you trust? There are thousands of hits every time a potential customer googles for a service like car insurance. These sites can’t all be real. There are too many of them. So how does the customer tell the good guys from the bad? In San Jose, the answer comes from the knowledge local people are dealing with a local business that posts its address and telephone number. People coming to the site can immediately see who is behind it. If there are any problems, they can use the telephone number to get help. This is what customers want when they are spending hundreds of dollars on a service. They want a real person to help them through the process of finding the right insurance, to make the customer the center of attention.

A spokesperson said, “We felt it was time to do something about all these anonymous sites. People have no idea who they’re dealing with. That’s not how the best services are run.”

This month sees the launch of the new site. It’s a specialist service aimed at residents of San Jose by people who have their roots in the community. The idea is a partnership between the best of the insurance companies and agents working out of San Jose to offer the best possible deals to the people who live and drive in the city. Positive help for everyone searching for affordable coverage.

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Address: 337 Hillsdale Avenue San Jose, CA 95136

Phone: (408) 978-6262